Monday, January 24, 2011

Trying to Understand

I am trying to come to some logical conclusion about gay marriage. So work with me. I did not do well in logic class but I think I have a better handle on it than some of our opponents.
There is documented proof that homosexuality can be found in many different species including Homo Sapiens Sapiens (humans). It is believed that homosexuality has been a part of human life for as long as we have been here. It sounds like homosexuality has always been a part of the bigger picture, maybe as some anomaly of natural selection or just the natural order of things.
So we have always been here. I’m going to go out on a limb here and believe they have formed families, worked hard, raised kids, and in some cultures, revered as having an understanding of both genders.
As time moved forward, gays have continued to work hard, have families, and pay taxes. They also had to hide from the cruelty that came when labeling everything became popular in science around the time of the age of Enlightenment. Funny how we seemed to get smarter and more analytical yet no understanding that we are ALL humans.  We were all separated and labeled and somehow some of us were labeled sub standard.  We continued to enslave other races and fueled a hatred for anything different from the “norm”.
Keep in mind that time moved on, people got smarter, and gay people are STILL raising kids, having families, working hard, and paying taxes.
Let’s zoom in on the USA. Every race migrated to the North American continent starting with the distant ancestors of our countries Native Americans (There are gay Natives). Well, not everyone. Some were dragged from their families and homeland against their will (Some of them were gay too.)
On one hand we wanted and needed immigrants to build a nation. We became industrialized. We were the “Melting Pot” of the world and proud of it. We did have problems with each others different cultures and faiths but we grew and changed. 
Gay people still existed and the world did not fall apart.  
Modern America 2011. Wow! I feel old. Anyway….We are now a smart bunch with all kinds of science and discoveries about our world and us. We have gotten rid of slavery and are making the slow trek to understanding we are all humans and there are no sub-standards. We strive to treat each other as equal. We need to keep working on it. It takes time to change.
Now everyone is equal except gays. Frankly we got tired of hiding. We put up with being labeled sick and diseased, institutionalized, tortured, abused, and studied. The history of gays is full of horrors that rival the holocaust of which we were a part of and “studied” as well.
Gays continued to remain doing the same things they have always done.
We have now been cleared by every legitimate organization as sane and good people. Responsible parents, hard working, taxpaying, and in every way the same as everyone else with the single exception of the immutable desire to mate with the same gender.
If we have always been here doing the same things as everyone else and the world has kept spinning, then how and why would allowing us have the same advantages and protections from discrimination as the rest of the country be the end of civilization?
From my point of view as a mother and legally married lesbian, I don’t understand the hatred that has caused groups of people to spend their whole life and gobs of money to tell horrible lies to keep us from being equal to them.
Signing a piece of paper, saying the words we long to hear, and exchanging rings did not do a thing to anyone but us. We are married and everyone knows what that means. It means the same thing it always did. I hope it always will. I just don’t think wanting the same perks of marriage is asking that much. It does seem like the right thing to do.
Keep in mind that gays will continue to raise kids, have families, work hard and pay taxes and the world will keep on turning.  We would just like it without discrimination.

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