Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This is Great!

By a 13-8 vote, twelve Republicans and one Democrat...
 Ga Legislatorimages 256
Kurt Swaim, D-Bloomfield
...voted to move forward with an amendment that would not only roll back the same-sex marriage right that earned the unanimous support of the state Supreme Court, but one that would also ban civil unions and domestic partnerships:
Proposed amendment to ban same-sex marriage gets first OK in House [Des Moines Register]
Rep. Swaim said he voted with the GOP because "It’s time for the public debate to begin in earnest." So here, let's get earnestly started:
"What makes you think your taxes entitle you to equal citizenship,
Mr. Swaim?
" "Why should we be forced to support your heterosexual lifestyle
choices, Mr. Swaim?
" "Why should kids of gay parents have to learn about a limited marriage law in the state's
public schools, Mr. Swaim?
" "When do I get to vote on whether you and your wife have to legally
divorce, Mr. Swaim?
" "What other Equal Protection/Due Process matters do you think should be left
to majority whims, Mr. Swaim?
" "In your bio, you say you want to "develop long range solutions to the challenges facing the people of Iowa" and
that you wish to ensure "opportunities are expanded for all Iowans." Why shouldn't gays be part of your "all"
or "the people" categories, Mr. Swaim?
" "Should your wife, one of your four children, or one of your five grandchildren need you in a time of emergency,
Mr. Swaim, what makes you think you deserve the kind of easy, benign,
instantly recognizable protections that secure your family bond?
" "Why do you deserve special rights, Mr. Swaim, simply because a fair and independent high court determined
them not to be special, but rather equal?
" "If we allow heterosexual marriage, then what next?" "Marriage is under attack from radical divorce activists. Why should opposite-sex couples be allowed to marry,
when there are so many doing damage to the institution?
Not so fun, is it?

This if from goodasyou.org and it kicks ass!

Iowa marriage ban moves forward (but we refuse to use the word 'advances')

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