Monday, January 24, 2011


This guy and his org. think about sex more than we do. He can twist any subject to make everything in the world our fault. " ..hunting grounds with easy prey for homosexual pedophiles" and "confused and diseased"!!!? This is the kind of crap we are tired of hearing. THIS IS HATE SPEECH! The American Family ASS. is listed as a hate group and this is why.
Please send your comments to HUD at the link below.

"The last thing in the world young males in troubled home settings need is to be put in a situation where there is a heightened chance they will be sexually molested by their next door neighbors. These HUD housing projects will become hunting grounds with easy prey for homosexual pedophiles. These young boys have enough obstacles to overcome as it is without becoming sexually confused and diseased on top of everything else." - American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer, objecting to proposed HUD rules banning housing discrimination against gays.

TAKE ACTION: HUD is now accepting public commentary on the proposed regulations. Hit the link and tell them why you think LGBT Americans deserve equal housing protections from the federal government.

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