Tuesday, May 17, 2011

American Family Association on Harvey Milk Day

 American Family Association warns what is in store for school kids on this year's Harvey Milk Day in California.
Children will be required to participate in exercises that honor Milk, which could include mock homosexual "weddings" and cross-dressing contests, as well as writing or reading activities. Pro-family leader [Jerry Cox] decides that public schools are failing to promote good role models for students. "What we ought to be doing is holding up the lives of people that were truly great, people like the Founding Fathers -- the ones who have exemplified all the good in mankind in their life," Cox contends.
I highlighted the word could so you did not miss it like so many of the sheeple who will and freak out thinking this is what the schools will do. 
NO SCHOOL will "include mock homosexual "weddings" and cross-dressing contests" as part of the day.
As for our founding Fathers.....They fooled around on the side, fooled around with slaves, smoked and grew hemp, and had fabulous wigs. Oh! And most were NOT Christians.

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