Friday, May 20, 2011

I am so over Bryan Fischer

I am so over this guy...Watch this then scroll down for my comment....

First..A hate crime is not name calling. It is when you are hitting  someone and calling them names that reference race, creed, color..and so on. LGBT's are on that list as well and that really pisses him off.

Next...He speaks for an org. that has been listed as a hate group  by the SPLC for all the demonizing and repeated name calling to and of the LGBT population. Not one LGBT org. or group is listed as a hate group.

Now...This guy not only voted against the hate crime law but tried to convince sheeple that it was a "thought crimes" law and scared the hell out of them.  Now that we have it, he is trying to twist the meaning and use it against us. We are all free to think and say what we want. The problem is when a person or group says things that are not true and they are not held responsible for the damage their words do.

Finally.....This ass has called us terrorists, Nazis, child molesters, gay kids kill themselves because they know they are evil and not because of the hateful words, and so on. He blasts this slander over the waves to 2 million sheeple everyday with the government subsidy of tax exemptions. His words are hateful and who knows what nutjob will take his words and use them as an excuse to beat or kill gays.

Yes the gay blogs have created nick names for some members of the Hate clubs but we are NOT calling them out for their beliefs. No matter what you hear, we do not care what faith you are or what you believe. We just do not want to be called names or have misinformation broadcast as truth. We do not want secular laws based on any religious beliefs.

This is the third video in as many days and he seems to get more and more angry. Could be that he knows he is losing the war he started?

Poll after poll is showing that a hair more of the American people think LGBT's should have protections and marriage than not and growing. The courts are beginning to see that DOMA and DADT are discriminatory and unconstitutional. More states are allowing some kind of recognition and state benefits and even the federal government has a anti-discrimination hiring policy and some benefits for gay couples.

It is sad that the leaders of some states want to remove all protections for gays and their families. They too are scared and scrambling to "protect family values". 

Name calling and taking away protections from a select group for no reason other than a personal belief is NOT one of my Family Values.

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