Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Newt Gets Glittered

Streaking across the gay blogs this morning is this video gem of Newt ( serial adulterer, homophobe, and presidential candidate) getting "Glittered". It is a lot like getting pied. Pie is much easier to clean up. He will be finding glitter everywhere for days.
Please note the creepy guy at the comments are after the video.

The creepy guy says..
"So goes you, goes the rotting of our country.
Have you ever seen us attend on of your events?
Have we disturbed your events?
Never. Peace be with you."

Lets take this one line at a time shall we....

"So goes you, goes the rotting of our country."  Our country is not rotting and if it was, there are so many more things causing that than a man tossing a box of glitter. Intolerance, war, discrimination, racism, ageism, bullying of school kids, hate speech, hate crimes, get the picture.

"Have you ever seen us attend one of your events?"  For starters, we are usually on opposite sides of the street. I am sure Newt has not attended any gay functions but many of the opposition has just by checking out the pics posted on their web sites. The most notable attendee is the  SPLC-certified hate activist Porno Pete LaBarbera, President of the Americans for Truth About Homosexuality. Porno Pete got his name for showing up at events with a camera to document what goes on. Yea Right......I have heard he is fond of leather events and must have a butt load of photos. Oh my! I made a pun!

"Have we disturbed your events? Never."  I have been to many pride events in the last 30 years and while Newt himself has not attended, his followers have. They stand on the side with bull horns screaming lies, throw paper bags of dog shit on marchers, hire airplanes with banners with such sayings like "AIDs is Gods curse on homos", and of course the bomb threats during speeches just to name a few.
While Newt does not attend events, he is busy making sure he is disturbing every other aspect of our lives fighting against every protection and right we have gained or are fighting for. If the Supreme Court hadn't put a stop to it, he would still be on our bedrooms and would again if he had the chance.
He has called us violent. EXCUSE ME!!
If anyone can find evidence of a roving band of Homos beating up anyone, I would love to see it. It is not the str8 kids that are under attack in our schools, it is not the str8 folks that are jumped on the street and beaten or killed, it is not str8 people dragged by the hair thru McDees for using the bathroom, and it is not the str8 people that are being discriminated against by unconstitutional laws.
Of all the civil rights movements, ours has NOT resorted to violence...yet.

"Peace be with you"  Is he kidding!?   You started this "war", not us.
All we want is peace.

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