Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why do These People Hate Us so Much ?

I read over a dozen different blogs and follow links to hundreds more. I read and view stuff from both sides and I can not understand why or how my being gay can cause so much hate.

Bryan Fischer gets so worked up telling lies to make other people hate that it looks like he will explode. Extreme Christians ( if you can call them Christians) not only spend time and money in the USA but they carry the lies and hate to other countries. There are countries where being gay will get you beaten, raped, tortured, and killed and some Americans SUPPORT that!

Being gay is as natural as being str8. It is found in most species on the planet and has been a part of the big picture since we first walked the earth.

This hate comes from deep fear. Fear from a belief system that says it is wrong? Fear that they themselves are gay? Fear of a behavior that is different?

First, all Holy books are written by man. Man is a flawed creature at best. Then other men edit the books and called them the word of God. It is not. Then other men read the book and come to their own understanding of the word. Each one has a different understanding and start to break up and fight over the "true" meaning of the book. Some decide to write their own book and create a different "true" word of God. It is not.

Believing in a higher power can and is a good thing for some. I do. But reading only one book and putting all your faith in the words as a guide for life is not good when it causes fear and hate of others.

This fear of God has created a fear of self. We are "born sinners" is BS. We are born a blank slate. We grow and learn and discover ourselves. Some are naturally attracted to the opposite gender and some are naturally attracted to the same gender.  The fear of God can be so strong that some will do anything to hide who they truly are and that deep fear of self can destroy not only the one person but they take out the fear on others.

Fear of being different is man made by the fear of God and the fear of self. Being different is not wrong or bad. It is just different. We are all different in many ways but that is not a reason to hate.

I feel sad for those who are so full of a flawed word and fear of self that they must devote their life to hating others so much and they will do anything to destroy someone who is different from them.

There is a lot of talk and jokes about the upcoming Rapture. I do not believe in it but I have a question for those that do.

Do you honestly believe that after a life of fear, hate, and lies against your fellow beings that you will be sucked up to heaven?

I am afraid you are going to be very disappointed. 


  1. Everything about the way people think and behave is guided by their belief systems.

    Unfortunately people have a myriad of useless or problematic beliefs.

  2. I've been trying to understand why we act the way we act for quite a long time. I'm researching the topic "Can you be gay and Christian?" right now for an upcoming podcast and the sources that have come up are just phenomenal - that there are gay people who can still feel a connection with God is phenomenal...and I'm so glad there are those who can after all the work people do to destroy that relationship. It's incredibly interesting and I'm glad you brought it up. -Wendy