Sunday, May 15, 2011

Baltimore Gay Chorus Might Be Responsible for the End of the World (So come hear them perform one last time!)

Published May 11, 2011
By now, you may have heard the end of the world will be happening soon. I’m sure some of you already have the perfect outfit picked out—that special hat that says, “Armageddon’s coming and I look fabulous!”
Then again, if you’ve been out of the evangelical loop, you may have missed the news that Pastor Harold Camping and his friends at Family Radio have been sharing. According to his biblical calculations, the good reverend figured out that on Saturday, May 21, 2011 the Almighty is going to show up for one last curtain call before the whole show ends and some pretty angry angels strike the set.
You may not have heard that it’s possible this whole mess might be the fault of—you guessed it— “the gays.” And not just any gays: the gay men of The Baltimore Men’s Chorus might be to blame! As their director, I feel sort of responsible, so, if you’ll indulge me, I thought I should explain it all before it’s too late.
First, a little about the Men’s Chorus: We’re Baltimore’s oldest gay chorus, having just celebrated our 25th anniversary last season. Currently, the chorus has about 20 members and we sing a variety of classical, pop, and show music, which we rehearse on Sunday nights at Saints Philip and James Church on Charles St.
But the real story of the whole “end of the world” thing started back in September when the Men’s Chorus chose “Beginnings and Endings” as the theme for our spring Cabaret. The idea is that all the songs we’ll sing involve a beginning or an ending (e.g., a song from the beginning of a musical, a song about the end of a relationship).
Then, about a month ago, I saw a bus advertisement that read: “Judgment Day: May 21, 2011!” At first I thought it was referencing a monster truck rally, but eventually realized this was the Judgment Day of hell-fire and brimstone.
That’s when it occurred to me: it’s the same day as the Men’s Chorus concert, and our theme is “Beginnings and Endings!” And they’ve been saying all along that the gays were going to screw things up for everybody! It was all just too much to be a coincidence. I did wonder why God didn’t choose to end the world on June 4, the concert date of Baltimore’s other gay chorus, the New Wave Singers. (Check them out, if the world is still standing, at
So if you don’t have anything planned for the rapture, and you’re still here with all us sinners after God takes up the chosen few, drop by the University of Baltimore Student Center on Saturday, May 21, and listen as the Baltimore Men’s Chorus performs its spring concert, “Beginnings and Endings.”
Be sure to hear us now…it might be your last chance!
DETAILS: Beginnings and Endings Concert, Baltimore Men’s Chorus, University of Baltimore Student Center, May 21, 7:00pm Silent Auction, 8:00pm Concert.

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