Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tennesse Installs Gay and Str8 Drinking Fountains.

Shame on the Governor Of Tennessee. Shame on every Board Member of the Chamber of Commerce of Tennessee. Shame on every individual who knew what was happening and did nothing to stop it.

Just what went through your minds when faced with a decision to either discriminated or not?

To divide your state by singling out a minority, stripping them of their due protections as Americans, and creating a law so nothing could be done about it is an abomination. On top of that, you are pushing to completely ignore and deny information to the youth of that same minority at a time when they are beginning to understand themselves.

Your state, everyone who sat by and watched it happen, and those of you who agree with this HATEFUL action will pay for this stain on our nations history. This will be taught to our future generations as part of the list of unjust actions against it's own people next to slavery and concentration camps. They will be ashamed of your actions.  You are the best example of the worst American. 

What can we do? We could have a true rebellion. We could all, gay and str8, stand up and make it clear we will NOT put up with this kind of gross discrimination! We could call out the hate mongers and stop the lies! We could force the federal government to listen to us and the need for protections from unfair policies that discriminate. We NEED to make some REAL noise. Stop being so passive!

What will we do? Same shit, different day. We will let this pass and wait for the courts to finally say this is wrong. We will wait and smile and tell our sappy stories. We will tell our kids it gets better when it doesn't. Yes, high school will be over at some point but the real world can be just as cruel. We will wait some more.

How long are we going to wait?!
Until another state commits this heinous crime against our people?!
Wait for the next act of violence caused by this sanctioned behavior?!
Wait while the list of dead kids and hate crimes grows?!

How about we wait until Tennessee installs gay and str8 drinking fountains?

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