Thursday, December 29, 2011

Catholic Bishops' Lie About Threats to Religious Freedom

Filed By Michael Hamar at The Bilerico Project

I was raised Catholic (altar boy, Knight of Columbus, the whole works) so I know all about the Roman Catholic Church - especially when it comes to the hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy of the bishops and Church hierarchy. Now, the New York Times has a story on the nation's Roman Catholic bishops' deliberate, misleading lies that depict the furtherance of gay rights as a threat to the Catholic Church's religious freedom.
It quickly becomes apparent that what the bishops are really outraged about is the erosion of the special rights too long granted to Catholic organizations to line up like fat sows at the trough of government money - to the tune of $2.9 billion in 2010 - and then have an unfettered hand to freely discriminate against some of the very citizens whose taxes have been given by the government to the very same bigoted Catholic institutions.
Let's be clear, requiring institutions that receive taxpayer derived government funds to abide by non-discrimination laws in no manner restricts the religious freedom of the recipients. No one is forcing them to accept government funds and every institution has the option to say no to the funds and enjoy unrestricted exercise of their religious-based bigotry.
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I highlighted the one sentence because I believe it is the root of the issue.
The church can boo-hoo all they want but they are telling lies. They want "special rights" to use taxpayer money to openly discriminate.  We, married gays and lesbians, pay more taxes than the rest of the married population and the church.
Religious freedom is a good thing but was meant for each individual on a personal level not a huge business that is subsidized by the government.
The church has lied about hiding child molesters and stated that condoms will spread HIV/AIDS.
They have paid out  huge chunks of taxpayer money to pay off victims of child molesters they employ and hide.
If they went by any other name, they would be listed as a Hate Group for their continued discrimination and lies against others and harboring sex offenders, but because they cloak themselves with a holy book, they are getting away with unholy behavior.

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