Friday, December 30, 2011

It Is Official !!!! We Now Have the Same Last Name!!!

As of an hour ago my wife and I now have the same last name!!!

We are now and forever to be known as Mrs. and Mrs. Jackson Lincoln

Since we have been together, 6.5 years, people have always commented on the names association with the Civil War.
I am from Ohio and she is from North Carolina . North and South. She has even named her computer repair business North and South.

I have been in the art business for many moons and everything is signed Lincoln as well as my web site and this blog.

We decided to keep both last names.

This was taken on Sept. 17, 2006 on the day we committed ourselves to each other in an art gallery owned by some good friends in Ohio. This is the day I call our REAL wedding.

This is us getting legally married in DC May 10, 2010
A little more chubby and more in love.
It feels real good to be US today.

I Love You My Mrs.

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