Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Thoughts About the Concerned Women of America

Concerned Women of America (CWA) is a group of good Christian woman who worry about many issues of the day. I would say they lean toward the extreme right in their thinking and have mastered the art of what I call "Christianeez". A form of English that has been developed to twist the truth, use of buzz words, and create a big pile of crap out of anything that they find morally in question without finding out the facts. Science and facts are not welcome or believed by this group any more than other extreme right groups.

This piece was posted at joemygod.com the other day. Please read and then we'll talk.

Concerned Women Are Concernstipated That Macy's Is Normalizing Pedophilia

"Do we really want to send our children into the Macy’s dressing rooms to try on a Christmas dress or suit, knowing that the store promotes the lifestyles of sexual deviancy IN THE DRESSING ROOM at the expense of the safety of our kids and, indeed, the decency of Americans as a whole? I, for one, am sick and tired of the false compassion being shown to special sexual interest groups at the cost of the rest of us. It is a dangerous and slippery slope America is sliding down if we let this continue. There are groups actively pursuing breaking down the final moral protection of society by normalizing pedophilia. Is Macy’s part of this agenda? I hope not, but, until I hear otherwise, I will have to assume so and shop elsewhere." - Janne Myrdal, state director for Concerned Women of North Dakota.
This all started when a young transgender female was shopping at Macy's and was about to try on some clothes in the fitting room. The female employee in charge thought she was male and stopped her. The young lady's friends assured the employee that she was a female and should be permitted to use the dressing rooms. Macy's has a non-discrimination policy and the employee should have allowed the young lady to use the dressing room.
The employee instead made an issue of it based on her personal faith that being transgender is wrong and she was just a boy with lipstick and could be a danger to other customers. When the employee was asked by her boss if she understood the non- discrimination policy, she stated that she did but could not comply because of her chosen faith, she was fired.
The employee has  been the talk of the right wing crowd, being held up as the victim of religious discrimination.  Because her chosen faith teaches twisted truth and no scientific fact, I can understand why the employee would have such a low opinion of all things LBG and T. For those of you reading this, you know better.
When asked if she wants her job back IF she wins a lawsuit against Macy's, she said she wants and need the job but only if she can continue to discriminate. Macy's is standing up for their policy.
If you can't do the job by the rules then you can't work there.
This should apply to the government employees that refuse to issue marriage licenses to gay couples in states where it is legal.
I don't know about Macy's dressing rooms but I have tried on clothes in many stores in my 50+ years and there have always been doors that lock. I never let my child in a dressing room alone until he was old enough to lock the door and change quickly by himself. I stood around and watch as others came and went while waiting. I have never heard of anyone ever attempting to attack a child in a dressing room.
It has been pointed out that most pedophiles are members of or friends of the family including your priest. They generally don't abuse kids in public places in broad daylight. MOST are heterosexual males. Not LGBT. Please do not lump us with this sick behavior.
 I would have a problem sending my kid to a Catholic school or church over a dressing room at Macy's.

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