Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gingrich Thinks Gay is a Choice - My Commentary

There are so many things wrong with this man's thinking.

Why is it that srt8 people who don't have a clue what being gay is, has all the answers? Why is it he thinks he knows more than EVERY professional Org. that makes it clear gay people are born gay and CAN NOT change.?
I have been a lesbian for my whole life. Most LGBT people will tell you the same but we don't know anything about our own kind?
I would never choose to be anything else including celibate. Even IF I were to pretend to be srt8 ( shudder) or never have sex, I would still be gay.

Married people are in the minority with 50% of them ending in divorce long before we could get married. Strenghtening marriage is a worthy goal but not by denying loving couples and families the right to be married.

On Sept. 20, 2011, DADT was repealed making it possible for our brave gay troops to be who they are. NOT ONE problem has been reported. In this age of fast news and the Internet, if there was a problem, it would have spread like wild fire. There is no way to hide a problem so why does Gingrich think and imply that those in charge are not telling the truth because they could lose their job?
Why does he think that Congress would over turn the repeal, taking into account it would take 2 years before they could consider it and there have been no problems.

We have a steady majority of the American people that support gays in service and equal marriage. Does he honestly think he can take back freedoms from a minority because he has the wrong idea of who and what being gay is?

It is not all about sex. It is about who we love and care for. It's about who we have chosen to promise to take care of thru thick and thin. It's about raising our kids knowing their parents are married and have to same security as their friends.

Frankly, this is the LAST person to have anything to say about marriage. He gave up and cheated several times when the going got tough.

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