Thursday, December 8, 2011

Very Funny Holiday Video

I found this to be very funny on so many levels. Watch this lovely vid and sing along then see why I think this is such a laugh.

The production was very nice and I like the sing-o-long sidebar.

Here are several reasons I found this to be laughable:

1) Christmas exists because the church wanted to convert people who had Solstice holidays and as incentive, had relics on display. ( relics are small pieces of body parts or clothing of someone great in the church.)

2) December  25th is not when Jesus was born.

3) Jingle bells were an extension of Yule festivities, used to ward of evil spirits, as well as many of the decorations and customs, so without Christmas, they would still exist. Candy Canes would go but then there are all sorts of wonderful holiday candy out there.

4) This part almost made me pee my pants..."If you don't believe the reasons for my Christmas then it's OK with me" If it was OK then why write this song!  The whole song is a bitch fest.

5) "It isn't just another Holiday" This may be a big one for you and you have managed to make it a nightmare of shopping, depression, and debt, but it is not a big one for me. Mine is Yule and is a minor celebration for pagans. It is just another Holiday for many.

6) The message of this song encourages acts of financial terrorism against anyone not openly displaying their Christianity. Do you really think Walmart cares? The commercialism of Christmas is disgusting. The stores don't want to offend anybody if it will cost them a buck.

As for Santa....He is universal, we don't pray to him, he does not ask us to believe in anything but being a good person, and we all know he is not real.

Happy Holidays !

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