Friday, December 2, 2011

TV Show Remodels The Home Of Anti-Bullying Activist Sideaner Walker

My wife and I sit on the couch, hold hands and cry every week to this show. It reminds us that there are really good people out there. The people who get the homes are those in need and give back to their communities. All the companies and people that give up their time and materials to make a better life for a family in need is amazing. I am so very happy that Extreme Home Makeover choose her and her family. Thank you to everyone involved  at EHM for all the joy and love you put into making a difference in the world one home at a time.
Anyone who has been following the bully issues know this woman and her son Carl. She has been fighting long and hard to bring bullying to a stop.

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Sideaner Walker became a nationally known anti-bullying activist after her eleven year old son, Carl Walker-Hoover, hung himself in his yard. Tonight ABC's Extreme Makeover remodels the Walker home.
Designer Jillian Harris and other members of ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” team regularly see the good which can come from providing new homes to families. She hopes the home they created this fall for Sirdearner Walker and her family here helps the Walkers continue their healing process. “We have rebuilt a home for a family in need,” Harris said this week. “This is a family that has been through hardships. They cried out with joy when they saw their new house.”
FLASHBACK: Here's Walker's 2009 Ellen appearance.

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