Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Same-sex spouses lose big on taxes

  Check out  the study. As a legally married lesbian couple, I do NOT like being referred to as a dependant on my wife's taxes.
The tax mess we have to deal with and pay extra for just sucks. We are married. We have the SAME paperwork hanging on the wall as the rest of you and we should be entitled to the SAME benefits. What is so hard about that?

Same-Sex Couples Pay Thousands Extra In Taxes | A new CNNMoney study found that married same-sex couples pay as much as $6,000 extra every year in taxes because the Defense of Marriage Act prevents the federal government from legally recognizing their unions. Because they cannot file jointly, they cannot combine their incomes and deductions or qualify for various tax breaks that are not available for single-filers. Same-sex couples also don’t qualify for marital exemptions for gift and inheritance taxes.

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