Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Videos 2

Well my friends, this is the second holiday season as a blogger !!!  Yea!
Thank you for stopping by. I hope you come to catch up on the issues I keep track of as well as my occasional rant and the weird/ funny stuff I stumble over.

Our Solstice was very nice. Lots of lights and candles. I fixed a big meal and Tami had made 6 different kinds of cookies. Lots of chocolate ! Yummmmm

Presents!!!! Everyone got something. Reece was very generous.

Sometimes you wonder if anyone reads your stuff when you don't hear from them. My wife does, but that is a given.  LOL ( no really she does.) Well...
So does Reece. They both saw a video I posted 3 months ago.....

 Both him and my wife knew what to get me the second they saw this. 
I have one and one is lost in the mail. That is fine by me because I will have one to put up and one to play. I don't think I ever saw a table cleared after a big meal so fast before.
We had a blast and a great addition to our Monopoly collection.

I hope your holidays find you healthy and surrounded by good friends and family. I hope you all get a chance to put your feet up and rest after day day filled with a few good laughs, good food, and catching up on the family.

Here are a few fun videos while you are parked in front on your computer. Some are old and some are new. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays !

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