Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Anderson Cooper on "Fixing Gays"

Cooper discusses reparitive therapy and the "treatments" offered by Bachmann Clinic.
I am so glad this has been on almost every major news station.
Pay attention.

This woman should NOT be president of ANYTHING except her church bake sale where she is free to think and say anything she likes. She would be free to discriminate against any group for any reason and not sell them cookies as long as she stays on church propriety. She should NOT run a country based on her faith, what it teaches, or the junk science it promotes.

REAL science and REAL FACTS are for everyone. Faith is for the individual.

We need to get God out of our government and .............Our government out of God.
The government needs to stop supporting the opposition with tax exemptions and other perks to save the church money. They are fighting FOR discrimination and against fulfilling
"Liberty and justice for all". Why are we helping them?

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