Thursday, July 7, 2011

Food for Thought - Greek Yogurt - YUM

When I was  around 9 or 10, yogurt was being introduced to us Americans. It was the food of great minds and very old people living on mountain tops in far off lands according to Dannon.

My Mom became a big fan. It was a treat for her to sit on the front porch swing alone and enjoy a fruit at the bottom cup of yogurt. After sharing some of this pure pleasure with her only daughter, I became a fan as well.

Yogurt was a hit and made it's way into our everyday cooking and eating.

Problems....They started blending it for us and then pulling all the fat and sugar out until is was like jello. Then they made the serving smaller while upping the price . Now you can find yogurt in a tube and ......yuk....drinkable.

This is not yogurt. It is crap....pure and simple.

Good NEWS!!! There are several yogurts out there that are fat free and no cholesterol !!!

Greek yogurt is AWESOME !! Thick and creamy that tastes like yogurt is supposed to.
I have tried 2 brands so far.

Chobani is very good if you get the quart size. I have found the individual serving size to be a bit small and if it has fruit, a little watery.

 Greek Gods is great! I have only seen it in single servings which are a nice size. The fruit does not make it watery but it is puree with few pieces of fruit.

I personally like honey,vanilla,and plain in that order.

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