Friday, July 1, 2011

Show Me the Money NOM !!!

NOM lost the "war" in New York after dumping a ton of money. Now they say they are going to dump 2 times the amount to get it repealed.
The question is where the money is coming from. They have been fighting in several states over this very question. They say that if they disclose their backers, they will be in danger from the evil gays. 
 Well.....They are about to lose again !        Check this out....

From Good As You...Shaking NOM's piggy bank: MN Board lends a hand
and Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters...NOM loses attempt to hide its funders in Minnesota

Note: There are good and bad in ever population. I do NOT condone threats or violence against anyone but sadly there will be some from the worst of our population.

Feel free to take the list and write letters letting them know what a bunch of hateful and bad people they are for supporting discrimination against us. For supporting a Hate Group that spread lies and filth about the LGBT population. For supporting a Hate Group that wants to see us gone or dead. For supporting the lie that being LGBT is a choice and can be changed.
Keep it clean and truthful.
Yes, I will be sending my share of letters as soon as the list is posted.

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