Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Load of Crap from "Real Catholic TV"

I have seen this show off and on for years and it just keeps getting.....well....NOT better.
Pushing any form of Ex-gay therapy is bad.
The reason some LGBT folks are not happy with themselves is that they have spent a life time being told they are... evil, going to hell, bad, nasty, should die, should be killed, shipped off, jailed, and so on.
There is no way to change your orientation, just the way you act on it. If a person WANTS to be celibate, fine but because you are hiding from yourself does not mean make it the only choice for others and DOES NOT mean to try and turn your hate for yourself into hateful laws for the rest of us.
( Gee, there is a long this of people that have and are doing that.)

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