Saturday, July 16, 2011

What kind of person wants to ruin someone else's wedding?

On July 24th gay folks will be able to marry in New York!!!!
Judges are volunteering to perform weddings on that Sunday. ( The clerks office will open for the special day and a judge can over ride the 24 hour waiting period.)
The day will be full of couples with family and friends to celebrate their love and lives together.

Many bloggers and news cameras will be in NY to film and talk with the newly married couples about what it means to them, how long they had to wait, and all the sappy stuff that makes love sooooo wonderful. ( ...I always cry at weddings...)

Also joining the party will be the Hate Group - National Org. for Marriage (NOM) and their bunch of  party poopers including Maggie Whatever her married name is.

Lets not forget that Maggie does not want gays to "destroy Traditional Marriage" yet she does not practice what she preaches. Lets look...shall we.....

Maggie had a child out of wedlock.
Does not use her husbands name.
Is in an interfaith marriage.
Is in an interracial marriage.
Does not wear a wedding ring. ( My guess is she got fat living on junk food on the road)
Is never home because of her job. ( What good Mom is not there for her husband and kids?!)

The spotlight will be on the weddings. Any coverage of the Hate Group will serve to show the public how ridiculous and ignorant they really are so....... I guess them crashing the party will
be in our best interest.

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