Friday, July 8, 2011

Gripe About Batteries

Well folks, there is some good and bad news for us LGBTs and I'll post some later. Right now I have a gripe about batteries.

With all the high tec stuff comes the high cost of batteries, chargers, car chargers, and replacements.
My wife is a tec freak so as soon as a phone upgrade is available she has the latest new one.
I get the old one.
This upgrade needs all new car charger and cover or case as well and they are not free or cheap. Now she does not have a problem dragging cords around for all her stuff. One bag for school is full of wires for laptops and phone.
I hate being chained to a wall by a cell phone or laptop. What is the point of having the "freedom to go anywhere" if that really means "the freedom to find an outlet anywhere".

I have a desk top computer and my phone sits on the desk almost all the time. I never have to worry about my computers batteries running low or out and my phone needs to spend more time on the charger than not even when I do not use it.

My phone has all the whistles and bells. Touch screen full of apps I don't use, games I seldom play, and info alerts I still can't turn off. I do not like phones let alone one that tells me when I have mail, text, or actually rings.  The battery runs out after just sitting all day unused!
It does not like to be used in the house so most calls are taken or made outside. I often forget to take it with me which is why she got me a cell phone in the first place.

Our house is full of remote controlled games, toys, stuff...... and we spend a ton each month on all kinds of batteries as well as chargers plugged into every open outlet that suck up juice even when not in use.

Why can't manufactures make a battery that will last? If you are going to make new and improved stuff, why don't you make a new and truly improved battery for the damn thing?!

My phone sits on the desk so much I should just go back to one that is plugged into the wall with a recorder. At least people would understand when I don't answer my phone.

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