Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July !!!!

The celebration of our nations birth is tomorrow and we are getting the back yard ready for a cook out. I am shopping later for all the goodies to make a huge meal and looking forward to putting up our new flag.
The neighbors have started with the fireworks early as they are legal in Maryland so it has been noisy the last few nights. We will not have to leave the front porch for a good display tomorrow night. The Inner Harbor has a great show. Could be because the Star Spangled Banner was written here at Fort McHenry.

I have always been a proud American even when I was not. There have been times when I have been so tired of the way this country is run and the way some of us are treated that I wanted to give up. I have taken my flag and folded it up, not wanting to be proud. I have openly voiced my dismay at the laws, politicians, and presidents that have run us to the poor house, created laws that treat LGBT people like second class citizens, and have us fighting wars we should have never been in. I was ashamed of my country.

One day a good friend was listening to me go off about what a shameful place my country has become and how I have lost my patriotism. He told me something I will never forget.

He said that I was more of a patriot because I was angry and disappointed. My anger and frustration is because I love my country and want to see it be the place it should be and live up to the words "Freedom and Justice for All".

I think of his words when I put up my flag each morning. I remind myself of his words when I am disappointed or disgusted by those who do not want some of us to be free and equal.

I will to continue to voice my opinion and outrage at those who stand in the way of my Freedom, Justice, and Equality because....

I am an American and proud of it.
Happy 4th of July !!

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