Sunday, July 24, 2011

When 99 is Comfortable

The last few weeks it has been hot as hell across the country. We have all found ways to deal with the heat and bless those who don't have anything but a fan to live in front of. We have central air for the first time in my life and while I am grateful, my bones don't like it much.

Yesterday I had a job face painting for a birthday party at a city pool. When I arrived it was 103 in the shade and if you were not wet from the pool you were wet from sweat.
My Grandma told me that Lady's don't sweat, they glow. Well Grandma, I was glowing like a waterfall.
It is hard to get face paint to dry or even stick when the skin refuses to stay dry so as you can imagine, all the kids had rainbows dripping down their cheeks.
Around 5:30 I noticed that I had stopped "glowing" which made it much easier to see and paint and the Sponge Bobs were staying put.
When I wrapped things up at 7:00 and began the long trek back to the car ( Patterson Park is HUGE and has no parking inside) I was glad it had cooled off and was almost enjoyable. I did not break a "glow" walking and was thinking about having my after dinner coffee on the porch as was my custom until the heat wave.
I have been suffering from cabin fever being stuck in the house so much and our dogs are driving us nuts from boredom. The only one who wants to be in this heat is my 18 year old cat named Barney Rubble. I don't think his bones like the air either.
I got to the car which was parked under a tree and was relieved it was not too bad. I have been in the habit of leaving the door open until I start the car and open the windows before I close myself up in an oven. Even then something happened that had never happened before, my glasses fogged up. When I started the car, my father-in-laws Cube, and looked in the rear view mirror to back up, I noticed that the outside temp was 99.

Wow, it is amazing how our bodies can adjust when 99 degrees is comfortable.
Stay cool my friends!

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