Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Government and Candidates Support Praying Away the Gay

Praying away the gay does not work. It has been shown to cause  damage to those who have been through the process. They take advantage of LGB people, often in vulnerable family situations or at grips with depression and self-hatred, and browbeat them—saying that LGB people never live happy lives, that we are unhealthy and unwhole, and that we never experience love and that the only hope lies in their therapies.
The Royal College of Psychiatrists shares the concern of both the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association that trying to change a persons orientation is dangerous and does not work.
Even when a persons behavior changes to appear to be heterosexual that deep in the core of that person they will always be gay. While there has yet to be solid scientific proof that we are born gay, there is plenty of proof that you can not change.
This first video is great!

This next video is disturbing in that one of the Republican candidates for President helps run a family business that promotes ex-gay therapy. Not only that, but they are taking in a great deal of state and federal funds to do it.
Not only should this ultra-christian nutjob not be president but her and her husband should not be in business.
Becker from Truth Wins Out, went undercover to find out just what went on and found several things disturbing.

"I was never told that every professional medical and mental health association rejects "ex-gay" therapy including the American Medical Association, American Psychological Association, American Psychiatric Association, and the American Counseling Association, or that the treatment I was seeking was totally unsupported by research. I was never informed about possible alternative treatment options such as gay-affirmative therapy. Nobody ever told me about the potential for harmful side effects like depression and suicidal thoughts. And although I was asked to sign a treatment plan outlining my problem, desired outcome, and treatment strategy, I was never given nor asked to sign any kind of informed consent document that disclosed the above information about "ex-gay" therapy. As such, I believe Bachmann & Associates to be practicing unethically, even by the standards of the American Association of Christian Counselors. This is particularly disconcerting given the fact that Marcus Bachmann's clinic has received significant funding from the State of Minnesota and the federal government."

What I don't understand is that people like this refuse to listen to scientific facts and theories when it comes to almost everything from the Big Bang to evolution but insist that "science has to prove gays are born this way." before they will accept gays as a normal and natural part of the human experience. 
I also don't understand how or why our government continues to support this kind of "treatment" with tax exemptions and medicaid and medicare. Frankly, if the government would just weed out all the "bad" medical practices and watch for things like double billing, medicaid and medicare would be in better shape.

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