Friday, July 1, 2011

Ohio: Guns in Bars

Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich on Thursday signed into law a bill that allows gun owners in the state to carry concealed weapons into bars and other places where alcohol is served. The measure, which was forwarded to Kasich on June 22 by the Ohio General Assembly, was signed on Thursday afternoon. Kasich is scheduled to sign the Ohio budget later Thursday.

WTF !!! What is going on back home! Just what we need. Guns in the hands of a bunch of backwoods drunks.
Ever since I left there has been one embarrassment after another. John BoneHead is a good example of the dumbass thinking that goes on there.
FYI...Ohio has produced more serial killers than any other state including Charles Manson and Jeffery Dommer.
Now they let these nutjobs enter a bar with a concealed weapon.
I am going home for my Moms 70th birthday and frankly, I will be looking forward to escaping the state ASAP.
They not only do not like LGBT folks and do not recognize my marriage but now any ass hole can carry a concealed weapon any where. Scary.

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