Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another Unfair Deportation - Obama Needs to Wake UP !

There are thousands of LGBT couples like this one. Some are legally married and some are not. This couple has been for years and should NOT have to suffer something like this.
The immigration department was told they could use discretion to determine each case and they have allowed other LGBT couples stay together only after waiting until the last minute. The stress on the couples and their families has to be horrible and is unnecessary. The immigration department has the power to make a decision before dragging this out and causing so much pain and anguish and Obama has the power to stop the deportation and separation of LEGALLY MARRIED couples.

It is so sad that my life time full of accomplishments, skills, and just being human can be all brushed aside because of one thing that does not affect anyone. I am so tired of being judged on my orientation before everything else.

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