Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gays Vs. Hate Preachers- My Thoughts

Both these videos deal with results of Christian groups disrupting Pride events.
When I first started going to Pride many moons ago, protesters lined the street for the parade with bullhorns and signs know. Otherwise, they stayed out of any other events of the day.  (There was that bomb scare during a speech. We did not flee.)
Over time we have not seen that many. I haven't anyway. They have their spot to gather and they don't mingle much. Some of that maybe that the streets are now lined with supporters of all kinds. We pushed Them aside. There are more of Us and less of Them for the first time in our history and the numbers are changing quickly.

They are scared. We are getting more brazen. This is not a good mix.

Back in the day, we were told to never talk to the protesters no matter what and pickup after yourself because we need to set a good example. This is not being taught to our youth but then we did not have cell phones to record and post on the net. We also did not have disruptions like these from Them.

I did not get through either video. Both content and length were an issue for me.
I had heard and seen enough within the first half of each.

The first video is from Charlotte, NC at their Pride Parade. Watch the face on the young security guard in the yellow in the center of the screen. I felt sorry and scared for her. There was bus loads of people just like this young man in red shirts who dispersed into the crowd and did this same thing, disrupting the parade watchers.

The second one is from Brisbane, Down Under. Frankly, these young people made Us look bad but how would you act if someone came with bagpipes and interrupted your event to tell you how evil and sinful you are.

I watched a series called "Eye on the Prize". It was a wonderful documentary on the civil rights movement. I had often wondered what happened and how peaceful demonstrations to demand the same rights got so violent. What I saw made me ashamed of this legacy.
This violence did not start on the side of fairness and acceptance of fellow Americans and humans. This began when the side of discrimination and anti equality started throwing bricks and burning churches and children.

The same thing is happening now.

They are beginning to be outnumbered and no one is listening to their hate and lies. They WILL and HAVE said and done horrible things about a peaceful group of people. They kill our children by telling them how evil they are to the point they take their own lives. They too have burned people out of their homes and killed pets and livestock. They teach that God thinks it is good to hate.

We want to be equal to every other American. We are not the ones beating people up on the street, burning homes,  creating a huge population of homeless teens, or killing people almost everyday for who they are . We teach that God loves everyone and so should we.

We don't want this "war". We never wanted it. But it is coming. It will turn more violent before it is over.

Perhaps our adversaries should look back at history before they pick up a brick.

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