Saturday, August 13, 2011

Keep an Eye on the Liers ! Call Them Out !

There is a great piece at Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters by Alvin McEwen.

It has to do with the FACT that the Hate Groups have distorted studies and twisted their findings to meet their needs and are often false.
The piece gives examples of the falsehoods, who, what, when, where and....we all know why.

These people have no interest in anything but keeping LGBT people as second class citizens of our own country.

They have NO business being used for "balance" in an interview. They are NOT experts in anything but how to stop equality.

They should NOT be tax exempt! I don't think they should be getting support from our government to spread lies.

They should NOT be testifying about anything.

Read this and sign the petition

Part one "Maggie Gallagher gave misleading testimony during April 15 DOMA hearing"
Part two "Family Research Council head gave misleading testimony on ENDA in 2009"

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