Friday, August 5, 2011

Kudzu - The Monster Weed

I was Skyping my Mom this morning and found out that the beautiful vine that has covered my back fence is a Monster weed that is taking over the world!

Look up Kudzu at and follow the links from there.
Very versatile plant and a good thing too. Is seems we will have to learn how to use the stuff because it is VERY hard to get rid of and is spreading exponentially!

Kudzu can be used in basketry and clothing to  erosion control and also to enhance the soil.   It has been used and tested for its health benefits and for it's culinary delights.
Sounds good right?

Kudzu has been spreading at the rate of 150,000 acres (61,000 ha) annually In the US and has been transported and seen in many other countries around the globe.
It is almost impossible to kill and it can come back years later after you thought it was gone.

I am going to go learn more and maybe try it as a tonic or start weaving baskets. OuuuOuuuOuuu ...I feel a sculpture coming on...

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