Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Log Cabin (Gay) Republicians Denounce Ann Coulter

The Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) are one of those oddities of the left that I spoke about in "Somewhere in the Extreme Left".
They are the first group to really put themselves out there for ridicule by the LGBT population in that Gay and Republican don't mix.
I have to say that the older I get the more conservative I have become on some issues but not enough the switch teams.
The LRC has it's place and has kept a rather low profile while it does what it does. I have to say that they are still gay , like gays, and are for gays unlike GOProud.
Yesterday the LRC gave this statement;

"Ann Coulter is not a serious part of the conservative movement -- her positions are a throwback and do more harm than anything else. Her remarks endorsing the widely outdated and profoundly harmful idea of 'reparative therapy,' alleging that one can 'pray the gay away,' are not only demeaning to gays and lesbians, but are offensive to all people of faith. While her position on this matter is off base, it is exacerbated by her claim that the armed forces should bring back 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell,' a failed policy which impedes military readiness. Servicemembers who put their lives on the line deserve respect, not such clownish behavior."
-- Clarke Cooper, Executive Director of the Log Cabin Republicans, a gay conservative group, in a press release entitled "Commedienne" Ann Coulter" regarding her appointment as "Honorary Chair" of the advisory board of GOProud, a rival gay conservative group.

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