Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Prop 8 Tapes Trial

I have been following Prop 8 almost from the beginning.  Prop 8 deals with equal marriage in California. The Hate Groups pushed so hard with their lies that the LGBT folks have had the freedom to marry twice and had it taken back twice. This last trial is about making public the tapes where Judge Walker declared Prop 8 unconstitutional .

It has been 20 months since Judge Walker's decision. I have read the entire transcript of the his trial. I have seen most of the reenactments. All of which is on the Web.
Nothing of any significance has happened to any member of these Hate Groups.

They don't really have a reason to keep the tapes hidden except it WILL make them look VERY bad.
It is one thing to preach lies on a street corner. It is another to do the same in court.

11 Doctors have complained about Hate Groups twisting their studies.
They have formed their own fake Pediatric Association who make false claims.
2 witnesses dropped out before they were called.
The only 2 that did testify admitted that families and America would be better off with equal marriage.

After Judge Walker's decision it came to light that he is gay. The Hate Groups believed he should have recused himself. What difference would it make? He did his job. He listened and asked questions and came to a conclusion based on what was presented to him under oath.

They KNOW that when the tapes hit the air they WILL be exposed for what they are and they are scared.

Speaking of hiding information, one of the comments at joemygod.com brought up the FACT that the Hate Group NOM ( National Org. for Marriage) has been court ordered to make public their list of supporters. They were fighting that as well under the same meme of danger from the Gays. They have not disclosed any info. yet.

They keep saying they are in danger of physical harm when they really mean fiscal harm.

When everything comes out, and it will, those who have dedicated their lives to Hating LGBTs will be looking for jobs. Better yet, some will be looking to keep their hateful butts out of jail.

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