Wednesday, August 17, 2011

To Followers and an Update from Indiana

This morning I started my day to this comment on my post about the tragedy in Indiana.

An LGBTQ blogger at posted a claim that Indiana was using DOMA to refuse to release Christina's body to her partner. His claim is spreading around the nation and it appears to have NO BASIS IN TRUTH. He has posted a weak update (rather than a retraction), but people are going ballistic and contacting media, the state of Indiana, etc. It's despicable that Bil Browning has taken advantage of a terrible tragedy to promote unfounded rumors from anonymous sources to further his own agenda. His purely selfish, offensive manipulation of the facts of the situation should be exposed in every article that has since picked up his distortion. Demand that he put the truth at the TOP of his blog post and apologize for his action and the resulting turmoil he has introduced into the already shattered lives of Christina's family and community. Please do what you can to stop this misinformation from spreading further. And shame on you, BJ, for blindly propagating this mess.

There are several points I need to make about this in defence of all parties.

First, Bil Browning of is a reputable and reliable site for up to date news about my LGBT community. I read over a dozen different sites plus links to gather news and interesting commentary for my blog which I started in order to share news with family and friends and Bilerico has been a valuable resource. I was simply cross posting what I thought was necessary to share.

Next, It is possable that someone jumped the gun on this issue. It happens now and then due to news and blogger compitition to be the first to report a story. Frankly, the current laws in Indiana are such that Christian's body would not be released to her partner and that could be why the story broke before all the facts were in.

I read the updates late last night. The fact is that Christian's Aunt is next of kin and she is the one who is helping to make arrangements with Christian's partner who is still in the hospital.
The laws in Indiana are a big part of the problem. Had this been a str8 couple, it would not have been an issue.

While I am sorry that I did not do more research before posting from a reputable source and it has caused some good people more pain, I am not sorry that the LGBT population jumped to defend Christina and her partner. I am not sorry that Indiana was flooded with calls and emails about their unconstitutional laws. I hope this is a wake up call to the fine folks of Indiana to change their hearts and minds about the suffering caused by their hateful laws.

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