Friday, August 26, 2011

Missed the Earthquake but got Back for the Hurricane.

We're Back...3 days early.

As most of you know the wife and I returned to my hometown in Ohio to celebrate my Mother's 70th birthday. All went very well. The brothers, kids, and Tom  did a great job of gathering 40+ people together for a surprise party for Mom.

We spent the first few days visiting, hugging, talking, and talking and talking. Then moved on to some dear friends who put us up in their new old house where we heard of the earthquake. Now some said they felt it but we did not. Got a phone call from our wonderful house sitter/ housemate who informed us of the fallen art work, nervous dogs, and power outages in Baltimore which is much closer to the center than northern Ohio.

Next comes the news of how Irene will be slamming into the east coast. Keep in mind we have not seen TV or a computer since we left last Saturday so this was a surprise. After watching closely and seeing the projected path ( One of which will put the center over our house) we decided to return home early much to the dismay of those who we had yet to hug and talk to.
They all took us leaving early very well knowing we have a home and pets as well as a great housemate to keep safe and I want to thank them for their understanding.
I am sorry we missed the great party and dinner 2 of my brothers had planned. I hope they had a great time and toasted/ roasted us.

We made good time getting back home and were greeted with lots of love and licks when we hit the door.
Reece ( housemate) had spent all day doing everything suggested on TV to get ready for the worst. 100 bottles of water, candles and matches in every room as well as supplies in the basement. He stored anything that could fly in the shed and lashed the patio table to the house. He has been amazing.

This morning is beautiful. Sunny and getting hotter by the second. It will give us time to do anything Reece forgot, but I don't think he missed anything. I need to do some shopping and gas up 3 cars, all of which will be a zoo as everyone else will be out doing the same thing.

Our neighbors just cut their vacation short. Ocean City has been evacuated.

Cross your fingers and hope for the best my friends.

Oh! Don't forget.... It's all the Gays fault!

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