Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ready for the Storm

Dear Readers,

We are ready! The house is secure thanks to our friend Reece.

We live 30 minutes from the Inner Harbor in Baltimore on a peninsula out in a tributary for the bay and are expected to have Tropical winds for 24 hours starting this afternoon. I'm thinking we will loose power so we have things charged and have car chargers for all phones and one laptop.  Flooding maybe a problem but it has not flooded for the 20 odd years Tami's family has lived here but we are ready just in case.

Everyone is pacing and the animals know something is going on. All of them are staying close to us.
The worst is supposed to be over night so I imagine we will have a bed full of cats and dogs tonight.

I have always loved a good storm. The excitement in the air and the power of Mother Nature reminds me of my place on this 3rd rock from the sun.

I will be filming as much of this as I can. I will post as often as I can as well.

Light a candle and send your prayers for all those who are in this path.

Blessed Be my Friends

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