Monday, August 15, 2011

INDIANA: Prominent Lesbian Among Those Killed At State Fair Stage Collapse

This morning at I see this news.

A well-known Chicago area lesbian was among the five people killed yesterday when high winds caused the collapse of the stage at the Indiana state fair. Christina Santiago was the programming manager for the Lesbian Community Care Project at Chicago's Howard Brown Health Center. An ardent country music fan, Santiago and her partner were near the stage to hear the Grammy-winning duo Sugarland. The announcer had just advised the crowd on evacuation procedures when the tragedy struck. In addition to those killed, dozens were reported injured.

WARNING: This video may be upsetting.

I have a habit of reading the comments at Those who post comments are quick to point out and add information as well as great commentary of their own. This one was sent in  only as a guest but they said everything I was going to.

 The gay-related aspects of this tragic story:

- If there was negligence here, Ms. Santiago's partner won't be able to sue over the death of Ms. Santiago.

- If Ms. Santiago left any money to her partner, it will be taxed, in contrast to the straight widows and widowers who will receive their deceased spouses' assets tax free.

- Given the apocalyptic visuals of this event, you can be absolutely certain that at least some prominent Christian will assert either that this is God's punishment generally or that it is punishment for the homosexual sins of that Indiana state legislator caught soliciting.

- You can be absolutely certain that Westboro will picket Ms. Santiago's funeral as well as the funerals of the other deceased.

From what I have been able to find out, Ms. Santiago's partner was seriously injured and is hospitalized. My prayers go out to you both.

More information on  Christina Santiago at Pams House Blend

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