Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Criticizing My Bigotry is a Hate Crime - Bryan Fischer (AFA Hate Group)

Here is a great example of the "we are the victims" crap coming from Bryan Fischer of the American Family Ass., Hate Group.  His radio show is heard by 2 million people everyday.
This is why we all have to speak up when we hear lies.

It is not a hate crime to call out lies. It is not a hate crime to tell the truth. A hate crime is when there is a physical attack based on race, religion, disability, and so on.

There are good and bad Christians, Jews, and Muslims. In our case, the good ones have opened their doors and welcomed us as part of the human condition. The bad ones, pick and choose from their holy books to stop or take away rights and protections at any cost including twisting studies and telling out right lies to the point they are now listed as a Hate Group.
The American Family Ass. is a Hate Group. Bryan Fischer tells lies.


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