Sunday, June 5, 2011

This Week in Holy Crimes

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Over the last seven days...

Belgium: Brussels Archdiocese promises to compensate 500 victims of molestation by church workers. At least 13 suicides are thought to have resulted from the attacks.
North Carolina: Pastor John Jackson charged with additional felony counts of embezzling from his church. Last month Jackson was charged with using church funds to insure his five Cadillacs.
Ontario: Pastor Emmanual Animodi charged with sexual assault on a parishioner.
Alabama: Pastor James Hunter and his wife charged with dealing morphine.
New York: Rabbi Saul Kassin let off with two years probation in massive $50M international bank fraud scheme.
New Mexico: Pastor Steven Perez charged with child molestation.
California: Father William Myers placed on leave after following a minor boy into the changing room at a department store.
Texas: Pastor Theodore Baines sued by congregation for threatening them, abusing alcohol, and making lewd comments to young female parishioners.
Minnesota: Pastor David Radtke charged with molesting a foreign exchange student staying in his home.
Missouri: Diocese of Kansas City sued for covering up the actions of Father Shawn Ratigan, who is accused of taking photos of a nude underage girl.
California: Pastor Carlton Hammonds sentenced to four years in prison for child molestation.
Iowa: Pastor Patrick Eduoard charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse.
New York: Molestation trial of Pastor Joe Flowers delayed due to revelation of a second victim.

This Week's Winner
New Jersey: Members of the Walking With Christ sect have pleaded not guilty of causing the death of an eight year-old girl after forcing the child to fast in order to achieve holiness. Pastor Emanyel Kris told followers that even to swallow one's own saliva was a "sin" and a violation of his fasting edict. The victim's mother is charged with aggravated manslaughter. Pastor Kris has not been charged with anything.

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