Monday, June 27, 2011

Good-bye John Corvino

John Corvino is one on my favorite writers for and about the gay community. As the "Gay Moralist " he has never been afraid to lend his unique perspective to a topic.
John has been a writer for for 9 years. His weekly column has been one of thought provoking ideas and reflections.

Tami got to meet him a few years back during a week long leadership camp. She was so excited when she called to tell me.  We also own a copy of his CD which I have seen several times.

John not only calls out the ignorance and stupidity of the Hate Groups but also with the gay population. He asks hard questions and forces us, str8 and gay, to think about ourselves and what we are doing.

There are times he has been very personal and has let us know what has happened in his life and how it is affecting him. He has made me feel a wide range of emotions. He brings balance  to the table when I need it most.

From his farewell piece at are his suggested readings...

Column type #1: Our opponents are being stupid. But I’m a nice guy and I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. So here’s my best effort to make sense of the stupidity.

Column type #2: Our opponents are still being stupid. But sometimes you just can’t fix stupid, so instead, let’s just ridicule them.

Column type #3: Now we’re the ones being stupid, and it’s time for someone to hold up a mirror.

Column type #4: Personal story suggesting broader lessons or themes.

His website is at where he will keep us posted on his life, love, and work.
Thanks John.

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