Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lastest on NY GOPers Dragging Their Feet

This is the third day of equal marriage debate. This is what the AP had to say.

Protection for religious groups is the last major issue to be worked out in Wednesday's negotiations over a bill that would legalize same-sex marriages in New York state.

The vote in the New York legislature is seen as a critical moment in the national debate over same-sex marriage.

Senate Republicans and Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo plan to resume talks over legal protections sought by religious groups who fear they'll be hit with discrimination lawsuits if they refuse to allow their facilities to be used for gay weddings. If an agreement is reached, the Republican-led Senate could decide to send the bill to the floor for a public vote, or kill.

That floor vote could be as soon as late Wednesday or Thursday.

The Democrat-led Assembly is ready to adopt the additional religious protections in the bill proposed by Cuomo.

No one is being forced to have equal marriage.  No church is forced to do anything other than support it's own without public money. ( This should include tax exemptions as well.)
The Hate Groups just want to stall until there is no time to vote. This is why the real issues are not being addressed.
If the Hate Groups were not tying up the courts with every ounce of venom they have, we would have equal everything and be working on the greater good, not their "war".
Since when was equal and fair a bad thing?
The Hate Groups want to be exempt from the law that states discrimination is wrong.
Who is looking for "special rights" now.
Are they allowed to turn away other minorities? Are they exempt from preformimg marriages of interracial or interfaith couples? If so, then what is the big deal of adding us to the list. I can live with that.
I would not go where I am not wanted to begin with. There are plenty of churches of every faith that would be more than glad to celebrate the marriage of a loving couple. Those are the ones that will support and inspire couples to work and grow into families and contribute to the community. These are the churches that will welcome a family that has and is doing all that and offer the marriage that seals it.
These are not the ones screaming obcenities in the halls of justice like bad children until they get what they want and what they want is to not have to listen to or obey the law.
They have exceptions to "Love Thy Neighbor" but there should not be exceptions to "All Men Are Created Equal" or "Justice for ALL".

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