Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kids are turning into......ho...ho ...Homos!!

Another example of alarm ism for the dwindling herds of sheeple.

"Wake up, parents. Public schools are no longer for the public. They're government institutions that think that you're children are their children -- and they are going to turn them into homosexual, bisexual, transsexual political activists. Just wait now until Harvey Milk is on a weekday next year, and it's going to be what? Anything goes. It could be gay pride parades on campus; it could be mock gay weddings on campus; it could be essays, mandatory homework saying why Harvey Milk, a bad guy, was a great guy. I mean, this is in-your-face stuff." - Christian hate group spokesbigot Randy Thomasson of Save California, who says that Harvey Milk Day will unleash a "tsunami of perversity" in public schools.

Don't listen to Hate Groups! They got it WRONG!!

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