Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why is this so Hard to Understand?

I do NOT understand why or how any person can not understand this simple law.
If you receive any public funds you must not discriminate against the public.
I am part of that public who FYI, pays more than my share of taxes due to discrimination.
This is not hard. This is not any infringement on your rights.
You are free to discriminate as a faith based service if do not receive public funds.

I do believe we are seeing a real division between church and state.
When it comes to creating a legal environment that has to govern an ever increasing population and diversity in belief systems, the laws have treat everyone the same.
The Catholic church is but one of many belief systems and are welcome to say and do what they want. They just can't take public funds  to do it. Further more, tax exemption is another way the public is funding the church, by allowing them to keep their taxes.
Being tax exempt also limits the support they can give in the political arena but it seems they are pushing the envelope when it comes to their association with the Hate Group and tax exempt  National Org. for Marriage (NOM). ( Please read Alvin McEwen's excellent piece on NOM's backers.)

What cracks me up is the Catholic church WANTS to discriminate! WWJD? WTF!!!

Let me see if I have this right....... we have the government support of discrimination by giving tax exemptions to a group of people who openly and not so openly WANT to discriminate.

Maybe the separation of church and state is not that far apart after all.

How about we ALL stop discriminating. That would be too simple.

"The Catholic Church has often affirmed that here is no 'right to adopt.' It is a privilege and responsibility to be granted only to those married couples who can demonstrate, through their loving, permanent commitment to each other, their ability to make a lifetime commitment to raising a child in the best environment possible. May God bless these shepherds, their flocks and their work, and continue to grant them strength as they weather the storm which will certainly follow their bold leadership. We gladly welcome this clear, public stance for truth, religious freedom, and for children." - Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro, congratulating Illinois' Catholic bishops for their lawsuit demanding exemption from anti-discrimination laws.

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