Monday, June 20, 2011

Response to a comment on Gay Day at Disney

An article called "Warning ! Gay Day at Disney" posted on June 5th received a comment.

Anonymous said...
To each their own but I was at Cedar Point today and there were several gay men wearing very offensive T-shirts. Don't do that at a family theme park and then demand tolerance!

This person is absolutely right. When in public at a family theme park one should dress in such a manner as not to offend others.

I do have several questions to ask the many parties involved.

1. I would love to know what the shirts said. Could Anonymous let me know?
Being active in the Gay population, I am very aware of the offensive terms printed on T-shirts and agree some should be worn only in appropriate settings yet....
what is considered offensive can be subjective. There are things printed on T-shirts that the str8 population finds funny and appropriate that I find offensive.

2. Why does Disney and Cedar Point have Gay Day on Fathers Day every year?
Fathers Day is full of families taking dad out to spend his hard earned cash and have some fun. Should they be subjected to a bunch of Gays parading around on their day unless of course they are a Gay family also celebrating Fathers Day. But then if they have kids, they will probably have on less offensive attire.

3. Why do Gays feel they have to wear clothing that is sure to be found offensive to a family theme park to begin with?
Maybe because I am deep into middle age that I need to ask this question. I find any swear word, the "finger" or any name calling offensive all the time. I find references to sex ( str8 or gay) to be worn only in appropriate settings. I own and wear many t-shirts. Some I wear out such as my Equal Rights, Action is Hot (voting), and my Rainbow Club that also has our wedding date on the back. Some I never wear in the general public like my Chick Magnet or Mustache Rides 10 cents. Those were for parties and are now work shirts covered in paint.

There are those that say we (LGBT) flaunt our sexuality in their face by holding hands, a quick kiss, or what we are wearing. I say str8 people do the SAME thing. They do all of the above everywhere I go and every channel on the TV.

I am sorry that Anonymous found a few T-shirts offensive and it may have tainted his/her fun. I wish the Theme parks would change the Gay Day dates to any other weekend in June because it is a big day for all families and some of our young people do not have good sense.

As for tolerance dear reader......I wish My only bitch was a few offensive T-shirts.

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