Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Since when is direct ballot the default American position?!

I agree with everything he has to say on the topic of the people voting on my marriage. Look below for what I think of Maggie.

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If I knew, with 100% certitude, that New Yorkers would approve marriage equality by a hefty margin, I still wouldn't want it going to a vote. And that goes for everyone's marriage, not just my own. Because certain things are not fit to be put before the whims of a majority, and especially not through costly campaigns that needlessly divide us a people and threaten our inherent American values (i.e. what every single gay marriage vote has done). This civil equality thing isn't a contest of whose ring finger is bigger -- it's about our shared right, as citizens of this fair and free nation, to enjoy equal protection and due process under law. Voting on marriage is pure and utter bullshit.
And that's what Maggie, as long as she clings on to her reliable layer of hubris and continues to front a movement that really does seem to see this as little more than a game, will never fully understand:

Even with all of the animus she has stirred up against my family -- more than perhaps any other single American, I would argue -- I would still never vote against Maggie's (interfaith) marriage.

This blob has NO business telling ANYONE about equal marriage or what marriage is.
First,  IF she had any LGBT people in her family, she would know better.
Second, IF her marriage was put up to a vote, she would lose it based on many discrimination's.  Hers is interfaith and interracial. She is a "modern" woman in that she does not go by her husbands name or wears a wedding ring. She is NEVER home because she is so busy denying my marriage.
What kind of "marriage" does she have? What kind of Mother is never home? She works for a Hate Group that is hiding where the money for the millions being spent is coming from. She tells flat out lies about LGBT people and our families.
Why on Earth is anyone even listening to this woman?
Frankly, she is not much of an example of a good wife or mother so what gives her the right to tell anyone how to live and love?!
Yet, I would not vote against her right to love or marry who ever she wants.

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