Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dear Maggie and Brian

Dear Maggie and Brian,

After last nights HUGE win in New York for equal marriage I can imagine you are both tired and upset. I am sure that you feel defeated. It is hard to work so hard for so long to have victory snatched away.

Go home. Work on your own marriages that I am sure have suffered more from your hate than anything we could ever do.
Start being the spouse and parent you claim to be. Start working out to reduce stress and lose a few pounds. Invest your time and energy into your families instead of trying to hurt others.

Please understand that this is one of many defeats you will suffer. This "war" was your own making and you are going to lose. The American public is getting wise to your lies and is tired of you.

Take your money and put it to some good use. Feed the hungry. Shelter the homeless. Help take care of the kids on the street thanks to your hateful words and lies.

You will feel better about yourself and when it comes time for you to stand in jugement, you will be able to say you were wrong and tried to fix it.

Get some counsling from a REAL doctor and stay away from the cheesecake and fast food.

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