Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hate Groups Victims of Gay Bullying?

Read this and after you are finished screaming obscenities, please read my comments.

Anti-Gay Bigots: Homos Are Bullying Us!

This takes the damn ass fucking cake, but it's no surprise to those of us on Twitter.

As the gay-rights movement advances, there's increasing evidence of an intriguing role reversal: Today, it's the conservative opponents of that movement who seem eager to depict themselves as victims of intolerance. To them, the gay-rights lobby has morphed into a relentless bully — pressuring companies and law firms into policy reversals, making it taboo in some circumstances to express opposition to same-sex marriage. "They're advocating for a lot of changes in the name of tolerance," said Jim Campbell, an attorney with the conservative Alliance Defense Fund. "Yet ironically the tolerance is not returned, for people of faith who don't agree with their agenda." Many gay activists, recalling their movement's past struggles and mindful of remaining bias, consider such protestations by their foes to be hollow and hypocritical.

Not agreeing over equal marriage is one thing. What these people are doing is quiet an other.
First I want to remind you that they are Hate Groups for repeatedly spreading known misinformation and out right lies against the LGBT population.
They use derogatory language at every turn. They rely on discredited "facts" and studies that are manipulated to fit their agenda. Several of the writers of these studies that they twist are coming forward to protest how the Hate Groups are using their findings.
They compare being gay with so many horrible things that I can't bear to write them. You all know what they are.
They blame us for everything under the sun that goes wrong, from the economy to natural disasters.
They say that homosexuals are worse than terrorists and should die. That homosexuals have no Family Values and want to make all their children homosexuals too. If homosexuals are allowed to marry, our kindergartners will be taught about homosexual sex. Homosexuals hate christians. Homosexuals hate God! Bullying is wrong...unless you want to tell a homosexual they are going to hell.

Got the picture?

Now you can lie all you want out here but you can not lie in court. The anti-marriage defence is lame at best and the courts keep finding in favor of fairness to all. 
They are scared. They know they will loose. They will do or say anything to win including waving the religion card. The FACT that the Catholic church is dumping money into the "war" and every board member is catholic may have something to do with that. The Fact that they are fighting about disclosure of funding in several states raises some good questions.
Homosexuals are taking away your freedom of religion. You will not be able to spread the word that God hates homosexuals. Homosexuals want to take away your rights.

Now they are the victims?

I think the fact that the Supreme Court allows for Phelps and the  WBC to continue to do their thing is proof that religious freedom is just fine. The only thing that will change is " If you receive public funds, you can not discriminate against the public." They can discriminate all they want as long as it is with their own money.

That we are "making it taboo in some circumstances to express opposition to same-sex marriage." That is not true. They can say what they want in their homes and house of worship. They can stand on the street corner and public protests.
There is no change in their freedom of speech or religion.

These Hate Groups want people to believe that exposing their lies, exposing their twisted "facts", exposing their hate toward gays, and proving that we are NOT all those nasty things is bullying.

They have turned themselves into victims....Not the LGBT population.


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