Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gates vs Perkins

Some day DADT will be repealed. So far so good according to the military. They have a web site that fully explains the rules and regulations as well as answering many good questions.
I feel it is spelled out very clearly. Check it out.

This is Defense Secretary Robert Gates, telling an anti-gay Marine to shove his bigotry.
"You'll have to complete your enlistment just like everybody else. The reality is that you don't all agree with each other on your politics, you don't agree with each other on your religion, you don't agree with each other on a lot of things. But you still serve together. And you work together. And you look out for each other. And that's all that matters. If we do this right, nothing will change. You will still have to abide by the same rules of behavior, the same discipline, the same respect for each other that has been the case through all the history of the Marine Corps."

I am thrilled with the whole thing!
This is how it should be and will be except for the few people that just can get over the fact that while they have been serving with gays and gays are everywhere and they are big tough Marine,s, They are afraid of gays.
They may be listening to this ass, Tony Perkins, and getting the wrong information.

"It's hard to believe that he made that statement with a straight face. After all the testimony and Pentagon scrutiny, it's incredibly disingenuous to suggest that the military won't be affected by repeal. Some leaders may be on board with the change, but even they recognize that it is change. If this were just business as usual, would the military be wasting hours on training? Would the Pentagon have deflected valuable resources to survey the troops?

"This isn't a change--it's a complete upheaval for the entire force. More than anyone, Secretary Gates should understand the major implications for the two million-plus active duty and reserve personnel. Whether the issue is as broad as religious freedom or as basic as bunks and bathrooms, forcing the military to embrace open homosexuality will have real and devastating consequences for the men and women in uniform." - Hate group leader Tony Perkins, denouncing Defense Secretary Robert Gates for telling an anti-gay Marine to get in line with the repeal of DADT.

Now, Tony is a leader of a Hate Group known as the  and I will tell you again..
Don't listen to Hate Groups! They got it wrong!

I am sure he is on some blood pressure meds because when he gets started you would think his head would explode.

The military has it right. There will be few problems and those will not becoming from the gay soldiers.

Right now there is an abuse of DADT by an airmen who wants to an early seperation by claiming he is gay. This will stop. This will only be a funny scene in "Strips".

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