Sunday, June 5, 2011

Two more Catholic Adoption Agencies Close Their Doors

Please note the statements I highlighted and check out the comments below.

Two more Catholic adoption agencies in Illinois have decided to close their doors rather than comply with the state's new civil unions law. They'd rather see children go without families. 

Glenn Van Cura, executive director of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Joliet, told The Advocate that his office is not accepting applications for new foster care or adoptive parents pending further clarification from the governor and attorney general's office. "What we want to make clear is that according to our beliefs, with any cohabitating couple, whether homosexual or heterosexual, we don't refer to licensing. It's just part of our social teaching," Van Cura said. Single individuals, whether gay or straight, have been eligible to become foster or adoptive parents, however. "We don't ask, nor is it any of our business," Van Cura said of a single applicant's sexual orientation. In a letter this week to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, Catholic Charities of Peoria CEO Tricia C. Fox wrote that the suspension could be lifted if the state amended the civil unions law to allow religious services to refer same-sex couples elsewhere.
I have read this several times and I do want to get this right. I think it is important to understand just where the Catholic Charities are coming from.

A single person of any orientation can foster and/or adopt and the CC claims the single persons orientation is none of their business.

A couple in a committed relationship but are not married, gay or str8, can not.
Civil Unions are not marriage.  

Ok, outside of the fact that it is kind of creepy that any single person can foster and or adopt and orientation is not a question, the loop hole is that only str8 couples can get married leaving gay couples ineligible.

So what happens if a single gay person adopts a child and later meets the person of their dreams? Does the CC take the child back or do they remove the foster child?

If they allow a single person to adopt, doesn't this go against the "Kids need and mom and dad" meme? It is ok to give a child to a single person with no questions about orientation but it is not ok to give a child to a loving couple , thus giving the child 2 parents.

You know....maybe it is a good thing these people are getting out of the business. It must be very confusing to keep up with the dogma. 

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