Friday, June 3, 2011

Meeting a new Friend

Yesterday while I was looking for the door to Office Max, I met a new friend.
I was in need of directions and asked the only person on the street if he could help me. While the sign was on one side of the building, the door was on the other. He said he had to go there too so we walked together enjoying the breeze and conversation.
He has a friendly voice and a big smile. It did not take long to discover many common threads. We are both artists, have children, are the same age and sign, and are married.
After about a half hour of good conversation before shopping we made several other discoveries.
He is a Christian. I am Pagan.
He does not believe in homosexuality. I am gay.
He believes it is a choice, a wrong one. I was born this way and think it is right for me.
He feels it is not his place to judge, that belongs to God. I am cool with that.
Then he said something that truly set him apart from the pack. He can not live with hate in his heart because he would have missed out on meeting such a nice person.
We went back to talking art and I gave him my card.
We shook hands, thanked each other for the help and great conversation, and wished each other well.
While I shopped, I wished more people with opposing views could get along this well.
Thank you Larry

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